Our Story

The project started in 2020. As the whole world shut down we decided to spend this unique time in Bali contrary to all the advice.

While spending one year in a Bali devoid of tourists was amazing, it was also sad as most people on the island lost their main source of income: tourism.

We decided to do something about this and while everyone was waiting for a "return to normal" that seemed less and less likely we realized that the only way to actually help is to give people work in creating some higher value goods than the kitschy souvenirs they used to make a living off in the old world.

Bali is full of craftsmen: from wood carvers and stone carvers to painters and musical instrument makers. The potential was certainly there.

After connecting with some musicians and hosting some jam sessions we pretty much had all the pieces of the puzzle. We just had to put them together.

Our Vision

Music doesn't need to be hard. Appreciating music doesn't need to be for the elites. In fact, everybody can play. There is no coincidence that the verb play is used in english both for music and for games.

Now of course that if you want to be a professional violonist you need to spend tens of years of studying countless hours everyday. But given the right instruments everybody can learn just enough to have fun pretty quickly. Just like learning how to ride a bicycle.